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Got It


These are values that we believe in, the distinctive features that have made Tecno one of the most widely known firms at global level in the sector of poultry equipment.

A story that began more than 40 years ago and is evolving day by day, thanks to the collaboration of a strong unified work team but above all thanks to the results and objectives that we have been able to achieve. All over the world.


Innovation and technical research continue to show us the best way to overcome with success all the challenges presented to us by the market, but above all to give a precise reply to the various requests and following discussions with customers with whom we work side by side.

Because at Tecno, consultation, helpfulness, professionalism and preparation are not just promises. They are the strongest foundations for constructing a long-lasting relationship.


We know the importance of being able to read and write.
Reading the market’s signals, to surprise it with solutions springing from the determination, ability and skilful far-sightedness that has urged us to have no limits. And to think big.

Writing the pages of a captivating story, filled with people
, relationships and the desire to grow. A story that makes us look to the future with the enthusiasm of the young and the experience of more mature generations.

But above all we know the importance of listening to our heart
, to succeed in interpreting the desires of people like you, who have chosen us to share their values, views and objectives.

Because we know how to give a face to a commercial negotiation, a human voice to a project or a configuration, and because we want to earn your trust with results rather than with promises.

We can only be firm, sincere and direct.
Like a handshake.