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TECNO is pleased to announce that, as of February 2nd, 2016, AGCO Corporation, a company listed on the New York Stock Exchange and a worldwide leader, manufacturer and distributor of agricultural equipment, has become the new owner of Tecno Poultry Equipment SpA.

“This is a great development for all Tecno employees, customers and suppliers. AGCO represents a great long term home for Tecno with a company dedicated to agriculture. The company is looking to further invest in Tecno in order to drive growth and to expand Tecno’s global reach. We at Tecno are all very excited about the joint future and to be able to leverage AGCO’s global resources and experience.” said Antonio Cauzzo, Managing Director of Tecno Poultry Equipment.
“Tecno Poultry Equipment has earned a reputation as a leader in the commercial egg industry. The company is recognized for its innovative products as well as its broad expertise and experience in supplying its customers with leading production systems around the world. It will be a perfect fit with AGCO’s GSI business. We are very excited to be adding Tecno Poultry Equipment to the GSI and AGCO family.  The acquisition of Tecno Poultry Equipment will further strengthen our position in the commercial egg business and expand our global product portfolio and distribution network.” said Tom Welke, Senior Vice President, Global Grain and Protein, GSI.