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Our products are the result of our more than 40 years’ experience. This experience is the added value for creating a technically innovative product, that is a guarantee of quality, revenue, growth and safety for our customers.

Our priority is customer satisfaction, and we are committed every day, in every department and using every means available to ensure that this aim is reached.

Housing systems for laying hens are not all the same. We are well aware of this at Tecno and so ...
Tecno alternative systems include a range of products in different sizes,for optimising the ...
Housing systems for rearing pullets are not all the same. We are well aware of this at Tecno and ...
T-Broiler is the newest belt system cage developed by Tecno Poultry Equipment for broiler growing.


Tecno propone soluzioni all’avanguardia per la costruzione di impianti per l’allevamento di galline ovaiole, dal 1° giorno di vita fino alla fine del processo produttivo, sistemi per l’allevamento di polli da carne, sistemi automatizzati e computerizzati su abbeveraggio, alimentazione, raccolta uova, climatizzazione e pulizia.